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  • Do you like to help others achieve their goals?
  • Do you enjoy working out and have a passion for fitness?
  • Anyone ever suggested you become a trainer?

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  • Attend NPTI Virginia and get in the best shape of your life!
  • Learn from highly rated faculty members and your fellow students!
  • Have a rewarding career where you are responsible for your own success!

Earn Your Personal Training Certification in Virginia

Get Your NPTI and NASM Certification in Virginia and Start Your Career in Personal Training Today!

Interested in becoming a personal fitness trainer, exercise consultant or an overall fitness professional in the Virginia area? Personal trainer education and fitness instructor vocational training from the National Personal Training Institute gives you one of the best fitness educations and provides you with the confidence to become a top-notch Personal Trainer, prepared to enter the workforce!

The National Personal Training Institute of Virginia is a personal training school that teaches comprehensive fitness courses designed to further your knowledge in areas such as strength training, exercise physiology, nutrition and weight management, weight training and personal training. NPTI Virginia provides cutting edge personal training certifications serving the DC Metro area. Learn Why NPTI Should Be Your First Choice.

NPTI: The School for Personal Trainers

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