NPTI Graduates

Where Are They Now?

Todd Katz - owner/operate of Hammer Down Crossfit in Chantilly, VA, a 8500 sq foot crossfit facility that is one of the largest and most successful crossfit gyms on the East Coast.  NPTI Performance Advisory Committee Board Member.

Monica Young - owner/operator of Health Bodies by Monica

Jon Ponce - founder of Bench Gym in DC

Kim Zurschmeide - owner/operator of HIT Fitness

Katie Ayala - owner/operator of Off da Couch PT in Fredricksburg, VA, ultra distance runner

Dave Haydu - Regional Manager at Washington Sports Clubs.  NPTI Performance Advisory Committee Board Member.

Beqir and Samantha - Husband and wife team that are owner/operators of Double Eagle Fitness

Laura Clancy - owner/operator of muffin toppled fitness, author, record setting powerlifter

Jason DeHenzel - owner/operator of DeHenzel Training Systems

Cali Hinzman - coach and programmer at Crossfit Football Headquarters in  California

Carlos Martin - owner/operator of Define Fitness in Denver, Colorado

Eric Hendricks - Former NPTI Instructor, musician, and personal trainer

Kim Limon - Former student and current NPTI instructor, trainer at Gold's Gym
Tim Carroll - co owner/operator of custom

Marvin Aguinaldo - self employed trainer and massage therapist

Bob Fairchild - owner/operator of Bob's Bootcamps

Josh Golden - trainer at Grover Beach Crossfit, high level crossfit athlete

Sarah Jennings - owner/operator of Sarah J Fitness

Chris Heeter - Strength Coach at Breakaway Fitness

Jessica Jessie - Professional Figure Competitor, Personal Trainer

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David Nickum - owner of On the Go Personal Training david nickum training

Listed above is just a sampling of what some of our graduates are doing this, this doesn't include the hundreds of grads working in fitness centers and personal training studios in the Northern VA area.