The 3 BEST Ways to Get Clients in a Gym

                Gone are the days when a personal trainer walks up to someone in the gym, points out their poor form, and then suddenly gains a client because of that interaction (in truth that never worked all that well in the first place).  Finding clients is typically the hardest part of a personal training job.  […]

Special Memorial Day Sale

Hello Personal Trainers and Weight Lifting Fanatics:   I am having a special Memorial Day Sale - the book All About Powerlifting is now available for just Half Price!   You can get the book for just $20 - Free Shipping included with Amazon Prime   486 pages of strength training goodness - answering every question you have about […]

Why Being a Personal Trainer is Awesome!

I am excited because today I get to share some information about a topic I am passionate about: Personal Training.  And I get to talk about why being a personal trainer is awesome!   When people think of having a job as a personal trainer, most people tend to think of the immediate benefits: a […]

The One Customer Service Rule You Can NEVER Break

                Allow me to share a little story with you.  Indulge me for a minute and I promise it will have a point.                   Every other year and my brothers and I try to do something special.  This year we decided to book a trip to Florida, and we elected to go fishing for […]

The Most Glorious Smoothie

Most trainers and fitness enthusiasts consume protein shakes on a regular basis.  The shake is nice because it is convenient and reasonably healthy but more often than not the goal is simply to make the shake "not bad" instead of "really good."  I am someone that wants to enjoy what I am eating, and I […]

How to Get Started With Online Personal Training

                                                              As I alluded to in my last post, online training is an excellent way to broaden a trainer’s reach, help more people, and provide significant supplemental income to the current amount of cash a personal trainer is taking home each month.  Many trainers find […]

Why Online Personal Training is Pretty Cool

                With the rise of social media and the feeling of connectedness individuals can have across significant geography, online personal training is an exciting new frontier for the fitness professional to consider.  And, in this author’s opinion, this is no fad - online training is here to stay.  There is good reason for this, as […]

7 Steps to Writing Great Workout Programs

                                 I’ve instructed over a thousand people to become personal trainers, and one thing new trainers struggle with is the act of writing out a personal training program.  I am not talking about trying to decide if a client should perform bench press or perhaps push-ups, […]

Should Personal Trainers Give/Receive Gifts During the Holidays?

                            The holidays are fast approaching, and a common question asked, by both trainers and their clients – is what should I do for my trainer/client during the Holidays?  Do I get them a gift or not?  Recently someone posted that exact question on Facebook.  I responded with a […]

Workout Program Review: NASM’s OPT Model Phase 1 Template

                I often tell my students that workout programs are like cooking recipes, it is impossible to know for sure what the end result will be unless you actually do the program or you actually cook the recipe.  However, just like an experienced chef might make a recommendation (you may not want to cook at […]