A New Instructional Series

                                 I am excited to announce the release of a new instructional series: The Powerlifting Video Bundle.  With the help of my friends at Fitness University, we have created a new video set that covers in detail how to execute, train, and improve the squat, the deadlift, […]

Tim’s Training Tips #1-5

                                    Over the past several months I have been posting some training tips on Facebook.  People seem to like them and I have gotten lots of requests to condense them.  To that end I will put a collection of tips together for easy reference and post […]

Tysons Powerlifting Club – A Rare Opportunity

  If you are interested in lifting weights, getting as strong as possible, working with an experienced coach, and smashing the gym with other motivated folks - I have an exciting announcement for you.       In conjunction with Ken Stewart and the awesome training facility Tysons Playground, we are starting up Tysons Powerlifting Club. […]

Some Pretty Good Stuff

                We have put out some pretty good stuff in the last couple of weeks – stuff that I strongly believe will really help you as a trainer make your clients’ programs significantly better.  To that end, I wanted to compile those various charts and handouts into one easy to find space.  If you are […]

Sleep is Overrated

                   Here is a brief story I’d like to share with you.  Several decades ago – I was probably ten or so - one night I walked into my grandfather’s bedroom (kids weren’t allowed in his room so it was sort of a special occasion to be in there) to watch a baseball game […]

What if You Only had 5 Years Left?

                A while ago I was listening to a radio interview.  It was of a man in his early forties and he was sharing his experiences.  He had been feeling poorly and expressed some unusual symptoms so he went to get checked out.  They ran some initial tests and it came back that the man […]

My Favorite Exercises

I believe that proper exercise selection is very important to help one achieve their goals.  If you are going to be busting your butt in the gym you want to spend your time on something that will actually give you the results you are after.  To that end I have compiled the 5 best exercises […]

The Muscles Involved in the Key Barbell Lifts

Sometimes it is nice to have a quick resource that outlines the major muscles working in the key, compound lifts.  Look no further, here is such a resource!  5 Key Lifts are outlined with a ranking of the all the various muscles on a scale of 1 to 5; 5 is hugely involved (the agonist), […]

Science vs Anecdotal Evidence

  A colleague of mine make a quick post on facebook that you could not emphasize one head of the triceps over the other just by changing the grip you were using.  This is different from what I believed to be the case, so it got me to re-examine how I look at triceps specifically […]

What if YOU have to Cancel on a Client?

In personal training, a client canceling their session on you is a common occurrence.  But what if you have to cancel on them?  How should you handle it?  That is the theme of this article and it is an important one.  In my opinion a trainer cancelling their sessions – and how they handle it […]