Special Memorial Day Sale

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Hello Personal Trainers and Weight Lifting Fanatics:
I am having a special Memorial Day Sale - the book All About Powerlifting is now available for just Half Price!
You can get the book for just $20 - Free Shipping included with Amazon Prime
486 pages of strength training goodness - answering every question you have about how to perform the lifts, how to train for them, how to warm-up (in the gym and in a meet), how to select your attempts, how to gain muscle, how to cut weight for a competition, simply what to expect the day of the competition, plus so much more is waiting for you. 
55 5-star reviews can't be wrong, right?  Get the book that has been hailed as "the best book ever written on the sport of powerlifting" and "it is like Starting Strength meets Arnold's Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding but for powerlifting"
Happy Reading and Happy Lifting and much respect and appreciation to the all the Veterans out there and their family members.


  1. wooow its realy good thanks

  2. hi wooow its realy good thanks

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  4. Great insight. Thanks so much. This helps me as a small business owner decide my own motives for decisions I make in my business. It also helps me work with my clients who have so many ideas so I can help them implement the best one at this moment in time.

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