The 3 BEST Ways to Get Clients in a Gym

                Gone are the days when a personal trainer walks up to someone in the gym, points out their poor form, and then suddenly gains a client because of that interaction (in truth that never worked all that well in the first place).  Finding clients is typically the hardest part of a personal training job.  […]

Special Memorial Day Sale

Hello Personal Trainers and Weight Lifting Fanatics:   I am having a special Memorial Day Sale - the book All About Powerlifting is now available for just Half Price!   You can get the book for just $20 - Free Shipping included with Amazon Prime   486 pages of strength training goodness - answering every question you have about […]

Why Being a Personal Trainer is Awesome!

I am excited because today I get to share some information about a topic I am passionate about: Personal Training.  And I get to talk about why being a personal trainer is awesome!   When people think of having a job as a personal trainer, most people tend to think of the immediate benefits: a […]