Return of Title IV Funds

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Return of Title IV Funds Policy (based on a clock hour program)
The current refund policy of National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) as outlined on our enrollment agreement is not dictated by the Department of Education’s Return of Title IV rules and regulations. However, when a student withdrawals from the program, it is the responsibility of NPTI to calculate the amount of earned and unearned Title IV funds for that particular student based on the portion of clock hours in which the student was scheduled to attend class. NPTI is also responsible for providing students with the information contained in the R2T4 policy and for identifying students who have withdrawn and who will be impacted by the return of funds policy.
A pro rata percentage is used to determine the amount of Title IV funds to be returned up to the 60% mark in the period of enrollment. If the amount of Title IV funds awarded to the student is greater than the hours earned in the program, then a portion of those funds must be returned. A student is considered to have earned 100% of the Title IV funds if they have completed at least 60% of the scheduled class hours within a period of enrollment. NPTI will still perform a return of Title IV funds calculation for students who have completed over 60% of the program in order to determine whether the student is eligible for a post-withdrawal disbursement (PWD).
Students are considered to be withdrawn if:
• a student does not complete all the clock hours within the schedule program completion dates.
• a student stops coming to class with or without official notification.
• a student ceases coming to class and is not scheduled to restart the program within 45 days after the end of the incomplete module or is not on an approved leave of absence.
• a student who did not return from either an approved or an unapproved leave of absence.

A student’s withdrawal date is based on his/her last date of attendance as recorded on their individual attendance sheet. The R2T4 calculation is based on the time period when the course began and the last date of class attendance by the student. For purposes of the return of funds calculation, NPTI will be using the period of enrollment method. NPTI’s course is 600 hours in length. The number of classroom hours completed divided by the total number of hours 2

NPTI--- Return of Title IV Funds Policy
in our program (i.e., 600) determines the percentage of completion. This percentage will be used in calculating the possible return of Title IV funds. Days that a student was on leave of absence are not included in this calculation. NPTI will be using the “Treatment of Title IV Funds When A Student Withdraws from a Clock-Hours Program” worksheet as provided by the Dept. of education for such purposes.
If the total amount of Title IV grants and/or loans earned is less than the amount of Title IV funds disbursed as of the date of withdraw (as determined by NPTI), the difference between these amounts must be returned and no additional disbursements may be made to the student for that period of enrollment. After NPTI has calculated its portion of the unearned funds that should be returned to the Title IV program, the student must return his/her portion of unearned funds also if applicable. The student, who owes an overpayment, remains eligible for Title IV funds up to 45 days from when NPTI sends notification to the student of their responsibility to return funds or 45 days from when the school was required to notify the student of their repayment responsibility. NPTI must send notification of an overpayment of Title IV funds within 30 days of the determined student’s withdraw date. Students will have the option of making a payment in full or arranging for scheduled repayments through the Department of Education. National Personal Training Institute will notify NSLDS if after 45 days the student fails to repay the funds or make satisfactory repayment arrangements.
If the total amount of Title IV grants and/or loans earned is more than the amount of Title IV funds disbursed as of the date of withdraw, the difference must be treated as a post-withdrawal disbursement. In the case of a post-withdrawal disbursement, grant funds will be disbursed before loan funds. Disbursement must be made no later than 45 days from the date of student withdraw. Outstanding charges from the school may be deducted from any post- withdrawal disbursement before returning funds to the student.
The order of return of Title IV funds is as follows:
1. Loans
a. Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans
b. Subsidized Federal Stafford Loans
c. Unsubsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loans
d. Subsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loans

NPTI--- Return of Title IV Funds Policy
e. Federal Perkins Loans
f. Federal PLUS loans received on behalf of the student
g. Federal Direct PLUS received on behalf of the student
2. Remaining Funds
a. Federal Pell grants
b. FSEOG Program aid

Any post-withdrawal disbursement that consists of loan funds may only be disbursed after NPTI received confirmation from the student (or the parents in the case of a parent PLUS loan) within 14 days from date of notification from the school that he/she wishes to have the loan funds disbursed to them. The written notification of a post-withdrawal disbursement of funds from loans must be given to the student or their parent within 30 days of the student’s withdrawal date. NPTI will make clear to the student (and their parent, if applicable) the financial implications of receiving a post-withdrawal disbursement from student loan funds.
Leave of Absence
Leave of absence (LOA) can fall into two categories, approved and unapproved. Unapproved LOA’s will be considered withdrawals and students will be treated as such for purposes of the return of Title IV funding as stated previously. In order to obtain an approved leave of absence a student should submit their request in writing, including the student’s specific reason for requesting leave from the program.
The school must have a reasonable expectation that the student will return from LOA. Students will not incur any extra charges while on leave of absence and they will resume the program where they left off. Or in the case of NPTI’s program the student will resume class at the beginning of the next available course within the Module they were attending before the LOA took place. The length of any LOA should not exceed a total of 180 days within a 12-month time period. Before granting an approved leave of absence, it is NPTI’s responsibility to inform students of their possible repayment obligations to the Dept. of Education in the event
that they decide not to return to school after their leave of absence expires. All federal financial aid will be restored to the student upon their return to NPTI’s program.
All applications for leave should be made in advance except when unforeseen circumstances arise such as an accident or unexpected injury. In those cases, the school can grant 4

NPTI--- Return of Title IV Funds Policy
immediate leave but must document the reason and obtain a formal request for LOA from the student at a later date. The student begins his unscheduled LOA on the date when the school learns that the student is unable to attend class.
Disbursements from FFEL or Direct Loans cannot be made during a period of leave of absence. However, funds from Pell Grant, FSEOG and Perkins programs may be paid out to students on LOA. If a student has a Title IV credit balance those funds may be disbursed also. Any student who chooses not to return to the program after their LOA has expired will be considered withdrawn from the program. All return of Title IV funds will be calculated based on the student’s last day of class before their leave took effect and the funds will be returned to the Dept. of Education as specified in our policy on regular withdrawal/terminations as stated previously in this document.